Modern Interior Design Tips for Your New House

Purchasing a home is definitely a big achievement in life. It is something to be proud of and surely something to celebrate. However, the most exciting part is decorating this newly purchased house.

If you’re going for a modern style of house, then this article is perfect. We will list down some modern interior design tips to consider.

Uses of colour

Black, white and neutrals are the main colours in contemporary style interiors. Usually, modern style houses use the black and white theme including the wall paint, furniture and decorations to make it look very modern and chic. However, you can also add bold, bright colours into the theme to break the monotonous colors. Bright coloured furniture or decorations can be an accent that would make your house more interesting to look at.

Less is more

In modern style houses, the less accessories and furniture the better. In fact, many even go for minimalist look. You do not need to add too many furniture that will just make the space look small and tight. It is advisable to concentrate on important piece per area. For example, go for a modern and stylish sofa in your living room, which is the main focus when you enter the room. You can add a chandelier piece but nothing too grand that will make the space look crowded.

Going simple, neat and clean will put you in the right path.


Floors in a modern type of home should be bare and smooth in tile, wood or vinyl. If you want to use a carpet for sound control or warmth, then best to go for commercial grades. For rugs, you should go for geometric-patterned or plain in neutral colours.

Line and space

They say that the most distinctive element of contemporary style interior design is line. It’s usually found in architectural details like high ceilings, bare windows and geometric shapes in wall art. You should also take advantage of structural elements.

Modern style furniture

If you’re going for a modern style of home, then it makes sense to use modern furniture and appliances too. It is best to go for open spaces to feature your appliances and furniture.

Use of technology

In addition to using modern style furniture, you might want to consider the use of modern technology too. How about having smart appliances that you can control with iPad or general remote control. You can also check out Google Home, which is a smart speaker that you can command to turn on and off lights and other smart appliances, control the temperature in the room or even remind you about your schedule.

Lighting considerations

Another important element is the use of lighting. You can use spotlights or lighting directed at a painting or art piece. You can also use hanging lights in the dining area. Do not be afraid of playing with different lighting options.

These are some tips to make your new house look as modern and chic as possible. You do not necessarily need to go beyond your budget. You can splurge on anchor pieces first like the bed, sofa, and dining room.

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That’s it! Best of luck on your designing projects for your contemporary house!