Planning the Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween isn’t just for kids. Sure, children get to go trick-or-treating and enjoy a bunch of free candy, but there are plenty that adults who like to enjoy Halloween, as well. They can dress up to greet trick-or-treaters, curl up on the couch and watch a scary movie, or — best of all — head to a Halloween party and have some grown-up fun. When you’re the one hosting the Halloween party, you get to enjoy a Halloween at home and still socialize. It’s the best of both worlds, as long as you’re ready to throw a memorable party! For that part of the equation, we’re here to help. Here’s what you need to know about hosting Halloween.

Set the scene

You’ll want a nice spread, some candles and balloons, and fitting music. But on Halloween, decor really matters. A Halloween party only feels like a Halloween party if the spooky decorations are up, so go all out! This doesn’t have to mean a huge investment or extensive planning. Planning a Halloween party can be as simple as heading to a party supply store online or in person. Put up decorations you save from year to year and buy some one-time decorations from an affordable party supplier. A few fake cobwebs and spiders, a gourd here and there, and you’re all set — though you should, of course, feel free to go as far with the Halloween decor as you’d like. Halloween is not a time for subtlety, so let your imagination soar.

Set expectations

Be sure to let guests know whether your party is a mandatory costume party or if costumes are optional. Few feelings are worse than the embarrassment of showing up to a party and finding yourself the only one in costume. People tend to avoid costumes if they’re unsure what the celebration entails, and if those who dress up are in the minority, they’re going to feel uncomfortable. You should be clear on the costume status of your party when you invite people over. If you do make costumes merely optional, make a point of dressing up yourself so that your dressed-up guests don’t feel alone.

Set the table

Like any other party, a Halloween party should have a nice spread! Depending on what time you’re throwing your party, you should offer hors d’oeuvres, dinner, or desserts. You can buy pre-made food or experiment with creating holiday-themed treats. Your guests are going to want to graze, so give them something to munch on.

Have a decent selection of drinks on hand, too. Make sure that you have different types of alcohol: some people will drink wine but not beer, or vice versa. It’s a good idea to have at least a couple different beers, a red and a white wine, and a couple different liquors with common mixers like soda and seltzer. And, of course, you should be sure to have plenty of nonalcoholic drinks on hand. Some people don’t drink alcohol at all, and others will want to pace themselves.

If you have drinks at your party, that’s only another reason to have a nice spread of food. If your guests have lots of food and nonalcoholic drinks to sample, they’re going to be less likely to get too drunk.

Of course, you can’t host a Halloween party without candy. Halloween is about scares and sweets, so make sure that you have a little bit of both available at your party.

Set safety standards

Adults should know how to take care of themselves in a party environment, but keep in mind that you have a certain responsibility as the host of a party. Halloween is a dangerous night for DUIs, explains a respected DUI lawyer. There are several parties going on plus there will be lots of kids and adults walking the streets in the dark.

The majority of people who lose their lives in crashes on Halloween lose them in alcohol-related incidents. Nobody who is drinking should be driving home from your party. Keep your eye out for anyone who looks like they might make a poor decision, and don’t be afraid to insist on confiscating keys and calling cabs. Have cab phone numbers handy for those who need them.

If you or anyone else does end up in trouble for a DUI offense, remember to rely on a trained DUI lawyer to defend your rights in court. Hopefully, it won’t come to that: with proper planning and a fun party, everyone should be in a good mood and make good decisions.