Eye-Catching DIY Nautical Crafts That Will Make You Want Go To The Beach

We are a few weeks away from the official start of summer, but we have already started to see photos from the beach that our friends are posting. The holiday season has begun and many people have already booked their vacations in May and June. Well, it’s time to get started to decorate our home in the summer spirit. Scroll down through the photos below and see the Eye-Catching DIY Nautical Crafts That Will Make You Want Go To The Beach. The nautical decorations are my favorite because they make me feel good. I even want to keep them all year round if it’s possible, but unfortunately it isn’t. Now, I’m looking forward to making these stunning crafts. Check out the photos and see it for yourselves!

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We all tend to drink more water and cocktails during the summer months, so the nautical tray is a must! Set the tone from the start of the gathering with this cool nautical tray. All you need is a rope and a nautical blue paint!

Image via mommymakesthings.com

The plain and dull stools can get a much more interesting look if you decorate them with anchors. If you are good at painting, get down to work and paint them with the nautical blue paint that you used for the tray above.

Image via homeroad.net

The starfish have a special charm about them, and they would look especially good in any interior. Get several starfish and make a box decoration for your wall.

Image via notedlist.com

All of your storage containers can get a nautical look if you just embellish them with a rope. As easy as a pie!

Image via archzine.net

The bedside table can be another great nautical project. Paint it in nautical blue color and add rope to it.

Image via prohandmade.ru

The bathroom should certainly have some nautical touches too, and I have in mind the soap dispenser. What do you think about decorating it with shells?

Image via diymaniac.com

If you love the candle light during the hot summer months, you would definitely want to recreate the look below. Get sand from the beach, fill some jars with it and add your candles inside.

Image via vcwifelife.wordpress.com

You can also use rope to upgrade the look of your old mirror.

Image via crafthubs.com

There are so many ways in which you can make nautical candle holders, so see which design will work best for your existing decor.

Image via modaa.net

Add rope and anchor to the crate and use it in your living room to store all kind of things.

Nautical-Crate-2 (1)
Image via thegirlcreative.com

If you have a summer home on the beach, then you should definitely make more of these DIY projects. Have you managed to pick a favorite? All of the designs are magnificent and will make your home look amazing. I would love to hear which is the design that made the best impression on you, so make sure you keep me posted in the comments below. Thanks for your time, and don’t forget to come back for more inspiration!