Stunning Jewelry Display Ideas To Keep Your Collection Tidy

Stunning Jewelry Display Ideas To Keep Your Collection Tidy

Are you having a huge jewelry collection? Well, all ladies do.  Sometimes they can  get tangled, or damaged. All you need a proper way to store them. That way, you will have them tidy and organized. Take a look at these stunning jewelry display ideas and keep your collection tidy. They will be good decor for your room too!

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How about framing your precious jewelry collection? You will have one amazing piece for decorating your room, and also a great way to store your precious jewelry. How to do it? Choose a pretty frame first. Then , you should choose a proper solution for hanging. There are plenty of options to choose from . You can put a metal net in your frame , and that will be a good way to hang your earrings. Or, you can stick some wine corks too.

Your pretty necklaces deserve to be displayed. And there is no better way to do it then a rack like this. No more tangled and damaged necklaces!

This is one extraordinary, but functional solution! Ever considered using racks in your home? Now you will. It will make an excellent jewelry hanger.

Cork boards are so helpful. If you have one in your home, it is time to use it in one fun way. Using it to hang jewelry, instead of notes is one great idea. And cheap one too!

How about lending something from the kitchen? If this sounds strange to you, take a look at these DIYs. Cake stands can be used for jewelry storage. And they will look as a nice decor too. You can use teacups to make a pretty jewelry stand.