Unusual Low-Budget Planters That Will Impress You

Hey my beautiful people! How are you today? I have made you a very interesting post that is called “Unusual Low-Budget Planters That Will Impress You”. Are you excited?

The ideas that I have rounded up will help you make your yard more cheerful and relaxing space without spending a fortune. So, let’s check them out and draw some inspiration. Enjoy and have fun!

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Find the trucks that you used to play with and turn them into cute planters for your yard.

image via www.junkmarketstyle.com

You can turn a wooden barrel into a beautiful flower pot. It can be a magnificent centerpiece in your yard!

image via firstcomeflowers.typepad.com

You can also paint your bike in your favorite color and plant it with some colorful flowers that will make your yard fresh and astonishing.

image via www.hometalk.com

If you can’t fix the old bench, then you should reuse it! Take a look at the idea below and draw some inspiration.

image via s91.photobucket.com

Very creative and smart idea to reuse the old birdcage in your yard!

image via www.hometalk.com

Want to give a new look to your backyard? Pallets are very cheap and will make your yard look more interesting place for you and your friends. The look awesome hanged on the wall, aren’t they!

image via www.livinglocurto.com

If you have million purses that are only dust collectors, then take a look at the amazing idea below. I really like the idea and I would love to create it! What about you?

image via www.hgtv.com

The old-fashion hats that you got as presents and you don’t want to throw them away because of that reason, can be reused and transformed into cute flower pots.

image via www.hgtv.com

The old chairs that you don’t use anymore can be transformed into beautiful planters.

image via www.hgtv.com

When it comes to tires, you can use your creativity and paint them in different colors and plant them with different herbs and flowers. You can place the tires on the ground on hang them on the three or wall.

image via eatingrules.com

Did you know that the old jeans can also be transformed into planters? I really like this idea and I find it very creative and fun for my yard.

image via www.oregonlive.com

If your kids are not wearing the rainy boots anymore, then you can transform them into interesting planters.

image via themilitarywifelife.com

If your yard is spacious, you can consider incorporating a small boat. This is a very unique and innovative idea that will make your yard more relaxing and pleasant.

image via themilitarywifelife.com

You can plant your favorite herbs or flowers in a wheelbarrow and make your yard look fascinating, cheerful and lovely.

image via www.houzz.com

The old wooden crates can be used for creating a small garden. What do you think about the idea below? Do you like it?

image via www.bhg.com

There are many ways to reuse plastic bottles, but one of the most easiest way is to make planters for your yard. The idea below is very cool and fun.

plastic bottle
image via dollarstorecrafts.com

I have already shown you many stump ideas for your home, as well as for your yard. The stump planters are very easy and quick for creating and will make your yard more warm and inviting.

image via www.thisoldhouse.com

You can paint your old mailbox and plant it with some flowers or herbs. This is very creative and innovative idea that will make your garden more interesting space.

image via www.fleamarketgardening.org

The bucket planters below look stunning and will make your yard more cheerful and beautiful. I need to recognize that this is one of my favorite ideas from this gallery.

image via www.hometalk.com

When renovating, don’t throw away the old drawer, because you can use it in your yard as a beautiful planter. You can also create a small indoor garden in the winter season, by incorporating it in your interior.

image via sweethings.net

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